2.566 times thanks!

Last Sunday I ran for the elections for the first time. I got 2,566 personal votes of which 2,479 in the 19 Brussels municipalities. I would like to explicitly thank all voters for their trust!  Read more

What you see...

Here you can see my first campaign movie. Read more

Stronger Brussels people,stronger country

Stronger Brussels people, stronger country!   CD&V wants to hit things on the head for our country and for Brussels. The choices of program by CD&V for our country are clearly described (and calculated) in our election program and in the 3D plan for economic growth with social progress. The CD&V choices for Brussels form an ambitious city project that wants to convert Brussels into a city tailored to each person. This is done under the leitmotiv: "Stronger Brussels people, stronger country".  Read more

Drink with Herman Van Rompuy

Last Friday 7 February CD&V Brussels 19 organised a meet and greet with Herman Van Rompuy and the international community. Everyone was welcome to raise a toast,  but more so to express their opinions and propositions for the city of Brussels.  Read more

Employment for Brussels

If a man gets shot in Brussels in the middle of the night, you can start questioning the quality of life in the city, but you can also ask yourself what these men were doing there at that late hour. If they had had a job, they would probably not have been there at all. And that fact is a symbol for the Brussels problem.   Read more


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